Other Writing

In 2013 I started this blog as a travel blog, when I embarked on a journey of discovery (forgive the cliche), after a period of intense stress and burnout.  This led me back to the place where a lot of my edgier adult feelings began. Here you can read the archives of my travel pieces across Thailand and Sri Lanka, and then a few years later into Kenya, India, Brazil and back to Sri Lanka where I learned the art of Travelling With Purpose.

Along the the way I started my own travel business, a career breaks company for stressed and burned out professionals seeking some extraordinary experiences on their time out from work. And so I started writing about that. Having worked with and supported over 250 start-ups around the world, I’m now a start-up trainer and mentor working with young entrepreneurs in the UK. My Adventures In Start Up haven’t ended, and I’ll continue to write about them here.

Life Journeys are the exploratory pieces i’ve written during my own personal development journey. Make of them what you will. But if you find them helpful in anyway I’ve love to know so do leave me a comment, and i’ll do my best to reply to you. Enjoy x