About Me

Hi, I’m Andrea Gamson.

I am a writer, start-up trainer, problem solver and career and business coach. Someone once taught me the importance of a website’s “About” section to learn more about the person behind it. So buckle in, here we go…

I was conceived in Malta, born in the UK, and by the time I was 5 I was living in Germany. I never sit still for very long…

By age 7 I was living at a boarding school run by a group of wonderful nuns in North Yorkshire. My 12th birthday led me back to my birth town in Surrey and when I was 19 I hit the south coast of the UK to go to Bournemouth University and fulfil my dream to live near the beach!

So its no wonder I love to travel. The title of this blog Son Of Gam came about because the Gamsons (my paternal family name) originated from the Saxons who were sons of gam – people who lived by bodies of water, and some of the Gamsons were the first people to leave the UK and head to set up in America. I just love that travelling and water is in my blood!

After a period of stress and burnout in my early 30s, mindfulness meditation found me (and rescued me), and after discovering I wasn’t living a life in alignment with my values, i’ve been working hard to cultivate the dream life since.

In 2013 I embarked on a mini mindful adventure to Thailand and Sri Lanka to get closure on something important to me, and I started writing this blog. And since then I’ve transformed from a world-weary advertising professional into a co-founder of a social purpose business, and I coach corporates and professionals to help them bring more meaning into their lives too!

One of my biggest influences is one of the world’s biggest moments in contemporary history. In 2004 I was woken up by the first Tsunami wave as it rolled in under my beach hut in Ko Lanta in Thailand. Thankfully my hut was built on tall, well footed, stubborn stilts. This event made me feel so incredibly lucky to be alive, and I made a vow to myself to live my life to the full, and to never have any regrets.

I’ve worked in the Caribbean, Kenya, Rio de Janeiro, Sri Lanka, India, Russia and Thailand. I’ve worked for some really high profile people; plus entrepreneurs who are changing the world of the better. And found myself in some of the most surreal circumstances with people I would never have imagined I could meet or hang out with.

The most random places I have been: When I was 20 I did work experience for NATO in Bosnia. And when I was 28 I was part of the first group of UK media to visit Kazan, Russia’s fifth largest city. I recently ran workshops in Kosovo for young aspiring social entrepreneurs.

My favourite places include: Mozambique, Malta, Cayman Islands, Malawi, United States, Sri Lanka. I am always on the hunt for new favourites.

Stuff I love: Psychology | Cooking & Eating | Interiors | Building Communities | Solving Problems | Analysing Behaviour| Nice Wine | Meeting New People | Strategic Thinking | Business Model Design | Being Creative |Strawberries & Coconut Yoghurt | Pistachios

The purpose of this blog:

I want to inspire everyone to realise that there is another way to do this little thing we called life. We grew up being handed a rulebook, and for many of us we followed those rules and expected a certain outcome. I think we need to throw the rulebook out the window and create our own playbooks – and I want to share my own story, my learnings, and help many others to find their own, more meaningful and subsequently more adventurous, path in life. This blog is the home of all my thoughts on this!

See more about my work and career portfolio here.