Career Coaching: What’s It All About?

Do you feel a bit stuck in your career? Are you feeling uninspired in your work?

You’re not alone.

I’ve been coaching and mentoring people for a while now – from short term offenders in prison to young people looking to develop their careers. I work with career changers, new entrepreneurs with start-up ideas, and people feeling stuck – and the one thing they all have in common is a respect for and understanding that it’s okay to ask for help. In fact, they reach out because they know they need help and they believe that the right support will help them in their transition to something greater.

And life is a revolving door of opportunity.

I was chatting to someone about this the other day and we were discussing that big age old question regarding the meaning of life. We agreed pro-creation but then started to discuss that all anyone on this planet wants for themselves is to be happy, and then if they do procreate, for their kids to be happy.

goals for 2017.png

I’ve been working on a happiness project of my own for a few years, and the answers have definitely come from slowing down, taking time to be in the moment, and living a life more in alignment with my true values. But it’s also come from having the confidence to rid myself of all my possessions and get on a plane and have incredible adventures. Not just any old travelling adventures but the kind that gave me a purpose in the world. But to get there I had to indulge in a little self-centeredness and go on a journey to find out what activities, people and mindsets reignited for me a sense of what can make me feel alive.

If you’re looking for similar answers, then fulfilment in the work you do is key. If we don’t feel fulfilled what’s the point right? We spend far too long working. It might as well be part of who we are.

It’s not selfish, it’s survival.

Are you choosing to participate?

I’ve got a client who I am loving working with at the moment. Steph comes from a traditional corporate finance background, she has worked at festivals for fun over the years and recently dabbled in start-ups. Her personal mission is now clear – she wants to “bring people joy”. I’ve helped her identify, or accept rather, and get focus on, the execution of this and she’s come to realise she wants a career delivering excellent, ‘joy-giving’ events and travel experiences.

“Before my first coaching session with Andrea, I was feeling confused, unhappy and unsure about the right career for me….I am now feeling a lot more focused, positive and motivated. Every session is very thought provoking and fun and I feel inspired afterwards.”

When we started, Steph’s confidence levels were pretty low. She gave herself a 5/10 and now, midway through the process, she feels like she’s an 8/10.  By the end of the process Steph will have developed a pipeline of new career opportunities and the plan is to have some interviews under her belt for jobs she may not have had the confidence to apply for prior to working together. With any doubt in my mind, she will secure a career in travel and events doing something she loves, bringing joy to the world!

She also probably wouldn’t mind me sharing this, but one of the things we discovered in our earlier sessions was that Steph didn’t enjoy “me time” so I worked with her to explore opportunities for moments of solitude and she’s now reading Spanish websites to  keep her language skills up and generally being more comfortable during downtime such as watching TV or relaxing with a book without feeling guilty about it.

It possibly sounds fluffy but quality me time is one of my recommended ingredients for living a more happy life. It’s amazing how we plug our diaries with things to keep busy, to fill the void, often ignoring the benefits to be gained from sitting still with ourselves. But to get there, comfortable in that, one must go inside. And be happy with what they see.

If you’d like to discuss your career development ideas with me with a view to working together to support you on your transition, drop me an email to My coaching rates are highly competitive and I offer flexible ways to work whether it’s through 1/2 day or 1 day workshops, hourly sessions and more.