Theme of the week: Discipline

So by the time I post this, it’s going to be well past the first month of my personal fitness and healthy eating challenge.

The good news?

I gave up burgers! I cut back on wheat and cheese, and generally ate much healthier, incorporating more green into my diet, mostly via salads and a few store-bought juices. I appreciate that I could have done a WHOLE LOT BETTER but I have noticed a change in my eating patterns. Whereas before I would scoff a whole bag of haribo, this time i’m delicately picking out the odd one or two as a treat. And not daily either, before you laugh at me. Maybe every other day 😉

I haven’t lost any weight. I mean, whaaaaaa. I used to be quite good at losing weight. I did lose some to start with, but then a week on holiday threw me as I consumed lots of alcohol and with that ALOT of scrummy yummy food.

I wish I could say the lack of weight loss is due to muscle gain, but it isn’t. I suppose I have probably lost a little weight round my middle. The rolls aren’t so bad. You can’t butter them up, shove in cheese and make a ploughmans quite like one could before.

My Mom Jeans challenge was a flop. The jeans stretched and fooled me into thinking I’d lost weight, and so I relaxed on the exercise, which I did keep up for the first week using my new 7minute workout app. And I enjoyed it. It was easy. Almost too easy. Does 1 minute of 7 different exercises actually make a difference? If you believe the science it does. I’m gonna sit on the fence, other than agree that it got me out my chair for a week and onto the carpet.

But I am eating soup most days and a healthy meal/salad for the other meal and cutting back on snacks. I think if I persist with this way of eating, by Christmas I can squeeze into my little black dress again.

The learnings?

Diet and fitness is hard. I could hit you with a tonne of excuses and reasons why I didn’t stick to it. And many of them are valid. I’ve been living out a suitcase in a different place each week and exercise isn’t always the first thing on my mind. Routine is important.

But these are still excuses none-the-less and discipline means you don’t let the excuses stop you. With discipline you defy the voices in your head, you prioritise your own well-being, sticking your middle finger up at the rain, the cold and the lack of trainers and you find a space to plank.