Nourishing the soul: the Top 10 things I love to do

Cultivating the dream life comes down largely in part to the work you do on nourishing the soul.

It’s fun to think about – and even more fun to do!

Use this as inspiration to think about what nourishing the soul means for you. What do you currently do that means you act lovingly towards yourself?

I’ve been working on having a deeper, more intimate…(ahem) loving relationship with myself this last few years but it’s easy to get lazy and forget how to have such moments with yourself, especially when you run a business. And I don’t mean what you think, this is an innocent post guys!

Here’s my Top 10 Things I Love to Do at the moment that bring me joy and nourish the soul.

  1. Make pancakes for breakfast. This morning I had left over batter from yesterday with blueberries in it and I added courgette and made a savory pancake with a fried egg on it too. Indulgent and delicious! Use one cup flour, one cup water and one egg to make the batter. Simple. Then work it off with a walk…
  2. Meditate for 10 minutes. Find some relaxing music on youtube or some binaural beats and create a nice comfortable space to sit and chill out for just ten minutes. It’s hard to do this, to make this time, I am the worst and always sit down and then start doing something else. I put it off big time, and I know other’s do too. But its important, it’s like exercise – remember how good you feel when you do it?  If you can get into a rhythm doing this regularly this is really loving yourself. What you’ll gain will be incredible.
  3. Go for hourly walks when the sun shines. As soon as the sun comes out I throw on my trainers and go to the park, walk up to the river or mooch about the areas I love.
  4. Cover myself in a nice moisturising cream. Something with an indulgent delicious smell.
  5. Light candles, drink a nice expensive glass of wine, and cook a romantic dinner. Who needs someone else to drink all the wine and eat all the good food dammit?
  6. Turn off all gadgets. It’s important to have a digital detox and block out the world, even if just for one hour. I like to see what happens when I don’t have Facebook for distraction. Or work. Usually you get to do something that you wouldn’t usually find entering into the stratosphere because there are always too many other things that could be done (using your laptop).
  7. Writing. I find it soulful and theraputic to write this blog, I don’t do it enough.
  8. Taking a hot bubble bath. Wrap yourself in the calming effects of hot water, with magnesium salts and creamy bubbles. I don’t use it to wash my hair or shave my legs, but just to lie there and day dream. This is nice in the evening. It’s like a wonderful hug.
  9. Making a green juice. I know i’m doing my body a favour when I pass a delicious green juice through it. A handful of spinach, kale, two squeezed oranges, 1 lime, 1 lemon, a spoonful of spirulina or moringa powder and some cayenne pepper gives me a kick start on a slow morning!
  10. Making a phone call to someone I love and having a good old fashioned chat! We rely so much now on texting and typing out messages that we often forget that in the olden days we used to call someone up and speak to them on the phone for like an hour. When I do this, it brightens my day and reminds me why I love that person.

What are your top 10 things for nourishing the soul and how often to do you do them? Feel free to write in the comments!