Am getting fat. Have devised 1 month diet and fitness plan. Join me?

Yesterday I went shopping to Primark and spent £100 on new clothes – and they are all a little bit too small for me. I usually average between a size 12-14, and now i’m tipping over the edge of that into that scary size 16 territory. Am distinctly awareness of my out-of-shapeness.

I’ve been enjoying eating whatever I want this last 3 months (See photo: mmmm burgers), but now those double chocolate magnums and blocks of cheddar cheese have moved in, squatting on my waistline. It’s time to kick them out.

I bought some size 14 Mum Jeans from Primark for £13, it took a little while to get over the harsh conditions they were possibly made in, and even longer to get the jeans over my bum and thighs – but they do squeeze on, muffin top spills over a little. As far as my ethics go, well the damage is done now, so i’ll offset the guilt some other way.

Am excited for this challenge.

Now what I’m going to do is this…..

Are you ready?

I’m going to do a one month “get into my new jeans” fitness and diet plan. I’m going to share the journey with you. And i’m going to lose weight and get fit.

It’s my birthday on the 17th October (and its the 20th September as I type this, although I will post this next week). The plan is to have lost at least half a stone by then, maybe more. By Christmas I want to be a size 12-14 again,  feel slim and toned. I don’t want it to be a crash diet but a new way of life. I wanna be able to enjoy a KitKat from time to time, but not end up eating the whole 6 pack!

Here’s the fitness and diet plan… it’s pretty fluid but easy to follow and very simple. I know it will work after decades of diets and knowing what my body responds to.

If you like the look of this, why don’t you join me?

My one month diet and fitness plan

  1. Buy a pair of jeans that you want to fit into within the next month or so a size smaller than what you are now.
  2. Capture photographic evidence of waistline rolls, bum cellulite, VPL, muffin top and bingo wings. Go in hard. Be brave! This is essential to see the differences.
  3. Put photos to one side to cool.
  4. Download the 7minute workout app on Google Play then wash exercise clothes. Your best ones.
  5. Get rid of all your cereals, chocolate, crisps and bread. Just chuck it out now!
  6. Buy the following essential weekly ingredients:
    1. Large organic free range eggs
    2. Aldi Skinny Soup range x 3 cartons
    3. Wild Alaskan Salmon, don’t scrimp on quality
    4. Plenty of salad and vegetable items you love including Spring Onions, brocolli, new potatoes and courgettes
    5. Organic free range chicken thighs or breasts (boneless) or Paneer if you’re vegetarian
    6. Quinoa, wholegrains, brown rice
    7. Meaty white fish or Bean Burgers if you’re vegetarian
    8. 1 lovely rump steak or TOFU if you’re vegetarian
    9. Whatever you enjoy that’s low calorie and low fat for snacks ie fruit / crackers / cucumber or carrot batons
    10. Noodles (any kind, but preferably not rice noodles)
  7. Plan out your weekly meals to include:
    1. Breakfast – 2 boiled eggs / scrambled eggs + vegetables / courgette omlette
    2. Lunch – either you do 1/2 a carton of Aldi Skinny Soup (and add a bit of water to make it go further) or you cook a meal or prepare a nice salad
    3. Dinner – either you do 1/2 a carton of Aldi Skinny Soup (and add a bit of water to make it go further) or you cook a meal or prepare a nice salad
    4. Snacks – cucumber or carrot batons, crackers, fruit, cup of tea or coffee
    5. Drinks – water throughout the day ideally 1 pint before lunch and 1 pint in the afternoon and 1 pint in the evening minimum. 4 alcoholic drinks are allowed per week (approx 8-10 units) so choose wisely!
  8. For the main meals, you need to cook very simply and lightly using coconut oil for any frying, but try to grill where possible. Try to have a balanced meal include some slow release carbs (ie new potatoes) to help you avoid low energy crashes. But it’s okay to do fish and veg or a veg only salad with some protein, and drop the carbs every other day if it’s an evening meal since this is a low-carb meal plan.
  9. Then ensure you do the 7 minute workout every day – pop on your nice fitness outfit so it feels like you’re making more of an event of it (as opposed to in your pyjamas) and you can also feel more like a pro!
  10. To make yourself accountable post those lovely FAT PICS online so that you can then do a before and after!

Exercise – more info

When you wake up in the morning its time to do the 7 minute workout. Do this before you eat breakfast so that when you do eat breakfast you’re metabolism is working harder to burn the calories. Do it before you check your work emails!

I started my 7MWC (7 minute workout) this morning and it was great! Very easy to do, and hardly took any effort. I weighed in at 82 kilos (yikes!) but this is good because it means I have some serious goals to work toward.

The app will ask you to record your weight regularly which is super handy to monitor weight loss.

Outside of the 7 minute workout:

  • Take the stairs where possible: up to the 3rd or 4th floor in any apartment block or office building
  • Walk up the escalators instead of standing still on them
  • Jump off the bus or train a stop early and walk an extra 5-10 minutes
  • Ensure you are moving (ie walking, running, jogging, exercising) in total around 20-30minutes a day
  • Do one big exercise event a week ie play netball match, play frisbee in the park with friends, hit the gym, take a long walk on Saturday afternoon, ride your bike! This should be for 1-2 hours depending on the type of activity.


Here are my fat pics of me in my size-too-small Mum Jeans… notice how they look more like skinny jeans. So the goal is for them to become baggy!