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by Ryan Kretch

I messaged my friend after my tour of Eco Femme in the quirky, Utopianesque Auroville, India and told her that I had just learned about reusable sanitary pads, and her response was, “Yeah, it’s sad that they have to use those there [India].” Prior to this tour, I would have likely said the same thing, or probably wouldn’t have put very much thought into female sanitary pads in the first place. But, I was immediately struck by the passion of co-founder, Jessamijn Miedema. How could someone have so much of a social passion in reusable pads? Who would even use them?

The truth is, women in India have a different inbred mindset than women in the West who prefer convenience and an “out of sight, out of mind” mentality when it comes to tampons and pads. In India, where menstruation is more of a taboo topic and…

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