Social Starters – A Darn Honest Review

Leah Musch

Maybe you’ve stumbled across it on Escape the City, perhaps you’ve watched in envy as a colleague exited the workplace, fist in the air like Bender at the end of The Breakfast Club. Your news feed might be filled up with happy-snaps of your best friend in some exotic location, surrounded by a bunch of new and cool looking friends. Whatever has lead you to Social Starters, I’m here to tell you not to turn back around, instead – take a deep breath and leap into the unknown (just like I did).

Social Starters is the new kid on the social enterprise block, boldly leading the way with their unique type of volunteering experience, a super-hybrid of travelling + learning + business + giving. They have very cleverly found a way to connect skilled volunteers with budding and grassroots entrepreneurs from all over the globe.

They offer their own bespoke…

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