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_Social Starters spoke to Ciara, a consultant with the current India cohort, about her consultancy experience.

1.) Tell me about the company you worked with.

vRemind is a mHealth non-profit organisation. vRemind provides a free SMS vaccine reminder service for parents and caregivers. It’s a by parents for parents service, just shy of one year old. The founders are two parents who experienced first-hand the problem of not knowing when their children’s vaccinations were due. They are IT specialists who saw a problem and had the technical expertise to do something about it. vRemind has the potential to impact the wider community, in particular the 3 million people who die of vaccine preventable diseases each year.

2.) OK great. This obviously resonates with you working in pharmacy, and broadly speaking, the public health sector. Did you feel you could provide value to the clients?

Absolutely! As I say, the founders…

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