Developing Social Enterprise in Sri Lanka

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A few years ago I felt like I was in a ‘do or die’ situation: dramatic I know, but I had to go away, take myself out of my situation and go somewhere (and do something) totally different. I needed some good old fashioned ‘me’ time. So I booked a two week trip to Thailand for over Christmas and new year. Job done.

2014-01-27 16.40.51

Do you ever feel like sometimes the universe steps in and disrupts things for you?

In my case, a few weeks later two major things happened on the same day.

1. My extended freelance contract came to a sudden end

2. And then almost immediately afterwards I got an email from my travel agent saying my return flight from Bangkok had been cancelled and could I pick another return date?

Before I knew it was jetting off on a 6 week trip, which included a spontaneous but very exciting 2 week-long stopover in Sri Lanka…

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