Up next: Brazil

“Estou um pouco empolgado”.

That’s Portuguese for ‘I’m a little bit excited’.

Você me parece ser bom! Você fala inglês? (You seem  nice! Do you speak English?)

Posso pedir uma cerveja? (Can I order a beer?)

Some key basics to get me by. When in Rio, like in Rome, I’ll do as the Brazilians do. Forro Forro! And yes I’ll be learning a lot more Portuguese than this.

I’m off to Rio in June, and then back again October to oversee the training of a group of skilled professionals from the UK, Germany, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Brazil, Mexico, Australia, Singapore, Ireland and the USA (not to mention many other places around the world). I’ll be training them up to become Social Enterprise Consultants and we’ll match them with young people from the favelas who want to launch a creative and socially impactful start-up.

We’re also launching a two-week Social Innovation Bootcamp for a group of 10 ‘future leaders’ in the social innovation space. they’ll get to travel with purpose and experience the best that Rio has to offer in terms of arts, culture, sport and social enterprise.

Expect lots of incredible photos, and posts from me throughout July and October about random conversations in Portu-glish (does that work?). And I’ll be sharing stories about some of the projects and social impact ventures that are started by the young creatives and entrepreneurs.

I’ve always really wanted to go to South America, but the last 15 years have been more about Africa and South East Asia for me. I haven’t spent a lot of time in Latin cultures (bar a short trip to Cuba and few nights out in Guanabara), so the more I think about it, it’s going to be incredibly refreshing, exciting and new. I can’t wait to be working alongside brilliant young people from the favelas as well as incredible international volunteers who will be doing some truly ground breaking work.