Kenya: A Serendipitous Nation?

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We were just talking about how Kenya is so different to Europe, in that people in Kenya actually talk to each other – to complete strangers that is. There is a no holds barred philosophy in Kenya. You butt in, interrupt, go over and introduce yourself. Curiosity dominates and with no second thought for interruption (or what us Brits might consider ‘rudeness’), nor is there a fear of rejection or otherwise. It just doesn’t exist. At least, not from what I can tell.

Comparing notes, we realised that in Kenya you can strike up a friendship on a bus, in a cafe or on the back of a motorbike taxi trailblazing over potholes through plumes of black smoke. Questions will be asked, many very personal, but it’s becoming customary to differentiate between cultures and laugh off the differences. Such as being a 30 something year old single female in a country whereby…

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