Hosting a supperclub on New Year’s Eve in London

Call me bonkers.

Call me insane.

But I was thinking the other day about how I love food, and I love creating food experiences for people. I also really get off on surprising my guests, and designing immersive experiences that are unusual and different.

I have also wanted to launch a matchmaking singles business for a while, something a touch of the old school… that’s based in the real world. I just love bringing interesting people together.

We were talking, my best friend and I on skype, and she pointed out that I should host a supper club on New Year’s Eve back in London for single people who feel jaded about NYE. Currently in Kenya, with only a few more weeks to go until I am back in my South London apartment, I found myself testing whether this could actually work.

I signed up to Eat My World, this really rather brilliant website for supper club and pop up event hosts, and before I knew it, like a pheonix rising out the old glittery ashes I had created my night:

Hungry Cow presents…. A Stranger New Year’s Eve.

I’d give you an elevator pitch, or you could just read the event page: