Running a new start-up for career changers and volunteers

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The idea for _SocialStarters felt like it came out of Anna’s and my brain like a lightning bolt during the summer of 2014 whilst volunteering in Kenya. But it had actually been there inside us for a lot longer, without us even realising.

Anna and I separately, without knowing each other, had been thinking quite a bit about our futures, wondering what the right path was. We both knew we didn’t want to work for large organisations, at least for the forseeable future, and we knew having spent lots of time overseas, that we wanted to do something abroad. We could see how much opportunity there was to provide a platform for talented young people who don’t have the same access to new ways of thinking.

As it turns out, we nearly could have met a year prior at an Escape The City event in London – a talk given by a corporate ‘escapee’ (as they’ve…

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