Introducing the incredible grassroots social enterprises we’ll be working with in Eldoret…

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It’s an incredible feeling to finish off your work day exhausted because you’ve just visited and talked to so many inspirational people. Today we were taken by Ken Wamai, the Regional Coordinator at Youth Enterprise Development Fund in Eldoret to visit the 4 groups that we’ve selected for the Social Starters Programme.
Introducing the incredible groups we’ll be working with over the next 6 weeks:

Firstly we have The Old Uganda Youth Group – Made up of 30 community members who came together in 2006 because so many of them were unemployed and idle in the community. They decided as a group to address the issue of waste management as rubbish building up in the streets was becoming an issue. They started by volunteering in their spare time and worked together to collect rubbish in the area. Now, 7 years later they have won a tender with government and provide…

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