Launching a new international volunteering project

As the sun just started to peek out as my Kenyan Airways flight descended into Nairobi for the second time this year, I found myself thinking about my journey to lauching  _SocialStarters. My friends haven’t seen or heard much from me the last few months and it’s because i’ve been locked away designing the _SocialStarters programme.

What started as a bit of a fantasy really, has now turned into a reality, with a team of five about to embark on an exciting journey that will see us training social entrepreneurs in hard to reach places, with official partners VSO Jitolee and Youth Enterprise Development Fund. Eldoret, Kenya is the first stop on our global tour.

And the exciting thing is that none of us really know what is going to happen, its one big human centred design experiment. What we do know is that lots of ideas will be tested and social impact ventures will get launched. Where we end up – physically that is – could be crowd sourced. We are currently asking: Where do you want to go? And we are giving our customers (international fee-paying volunteers) the option of Kenya, Sri Lanka, Costa Rica, India or Myanmar.

So how this whole thing looks in 2015 – it’s really down to our customers to decide.

There are so many people to thank along the way for their support in getting our pilot off the ground, and now that i’m here I just can’t wait to get this project started. Settled in the new _SocialStarters HQ in Eldoret I’ve been hearing from Co-Founder Anna about the different youth groups who are positively impacting their community around health, waste management, HIV/AIDS advocacy, unemployment and education; and discovering more about the aspirations of the young start-ups we shall be supporting in a consultancy and training capacity over the next few months. More from me soon!

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