The journey isn’t always as you predict

I didn’t write much on here whilst I was away, for a number of different reasons. But I’m back in the UK now and have lots to tell!

This is just a small note to acknowledge my absence and talk about some of the things i’m doing at the moment. They key thing I’ve learned though, is that whatever headspace you find yourself in, never give up the pursuit!

It seems to me, as I approach my one year anniversary of writing Son of Gam, that the ultimate adventure isn’t trekking Machu Pichu, swimming with sharks or climbing Kili, it’s this little (pah!) thing that we call life. I know I know, its cheesy. But its true.

Our emotional peaks will give us more of a breathtaking view than the grand canyon ever could, and the things we’ll learn about ourselves along the way will enable us to be able to tackle life’s other little adventures, with more scope, dignity and confidence. At least, that’s in my humble opinion.

So I’m embarking on a new venture of my own. Starting a business has been a life long dream, and I’ve had ideas, but never that burning passion to go beyond the late night drunken chats with friends. I know I must be serious because I’m letting out my home on airbnb to generate enough funds for me to do it. Living at my parents was never anything I imagined I would do, but I have been doing it for a month and it’s actually been alright! Spending cosy nights in with my Mum watching crap on the TV has been somewhat comforting and fun.

Back in London tomorrow and i’ll be getting back into the game.

Hopefully I will be able to share some of that journey here. At least, that’s my intention.