A day in the life of a Programme Manager

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Andrea Gamson, Kericho Programme Manager, 2014

7am. Alarm goes off.

7:30am. Second alarm goes off. I go to the bathroom, return to bed.

7.34am. Phone starts vibrating. This usually happens when one of the fellows have turned on their wifi, which means I sometimes get some emails or whatsapps coming through. I quickly check gmail before the day begins. I sneak a peak at the UK news headlines.

8am. My black casio wristwatch (only 199 shillings in the supermarkets out here – about £2) starts beeping. This is to let me know, wherever I am, whatever I am doing – that it’s time to get moving.

9am. It’s my first one to one meeting (like a mini consultancy session) of the day with one of my fellow pairs. Every week I try to see everyone at least once. We talk through each entrepreneur that they’re managing in turn, assessing progress and exploring how…

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