Introducing the Kericho Fellows June 2014

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Introducing the first ever 2014 Kericho fellows!

They are an eclectic bunch of extremely bright, funny, passionate and ambitious individuals from the UK, Germany, Zimbabwe, Scotland, Norway, Netherlands, France, USA and Sweden.

Oh – and they’re super lovely too.

Check out what they had to say about each other….

cropped group shot kericho_wideFrom left to right: Lily, Lisa, Melissa, Sehal, Tom, Luke (Programme Co-ordinator), Jay, Duncan, Alessandra, Katrina, Katie, Spencer, Anna, Daniel, Charlie, Marthe, Chris, Vendela

Chris on Lily

When I first met Lily, she was very friendly and chatty. We talked a lot on the bus journey from the airport to the hotel. She shared some of her exciting adventures from the past and it sounds like she has done a lot!

She is a very funny and interesting person.

Lily gets involved in discussions a lot and is not afraid to share her ideas or opinions which is great! Has very good ideas!

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