Don’t die wondering.

If I Were Going

Since we last talked, I met Derek on the steps of Madison Square Garden. Our bags packed, our shoulders telling us so. We caught the first train to Jamaica and hit the transfer to JFK. It turned out we were too early to check in, so we had our last American supper: McDonalds, of course. When 5:30 rolled around we grabbed our tickets and continued on. I wouldn’t dare bore you with the details involved with the security checkpoint and everything else leading up to boarding the Norwegian airplane. Our own viking ship escorting us to “the land of smiles.”

The first part would take us to Oslo and aside from the hour delay, it went off without a hitch. A couple movies, some wine, and a few contorted naps and we were there. After a short stop, we were off to Bangkok. More movies, more wine, more awkward naps…

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