No booze, no caffiene, no rice, no work…just rest and play


I have checked myself into The Spa Koh Chang resort, a mere 30minute drive through the remote northern part of the island. On the way here I counted that we passed two cars. This is isolation in its very mangrove oriented best.

The resort is beautiful. There’s no beach here… a tiny faux pas on my trigger finger booking, but they do daily shuttle runs for a few hours of the white stuff, so its no major problem for me.


There are cosy little corners here with hammocks and sunbathing platforms. I haven’t been yet but the pool from up where I am having breakfast, it looks amazing, set amongst thick tropical palms and pink frangipanis.





The focus here is to cleanse. They have several spa packages you can buy including fasting cleanses, raw foods, colonics, juice detoxes.. I’m yet to have my consultation. But with yoga and meditation on offer daily as the sun rises its gotten me thinking (ok so I missed it this morning – hey a girl needs her sleep!) and since I have five days here and we’re a half hour drive from civilisation… I’m thinking that classic travellers phrase:


But I can make my own set of rules too right? As the girl who rebelled on her 18/30s holiday and set up a renegade tours and trips service for anti establishment fun seekers, I don’t need to abide by these crazy (and expensive) rules. I love my food! Fasting is a concept I have considered for weight loss and supposed energy purposes… but paying double the cost of my 1600baht a night room seems counter productive when on a budget. Especially when ‘fasting’ means YOU DO NOT EAT ANYTHING.


Hah, ok so yeh I know there are raw foods and certain drinks and things they provide to get your minerals. And for those with the wallet its worth doing this in a controlled supported way. Plus apparently you feel amazing after.

But my own personal fasting, should i choose to do it my own way, will be follow these simple few rules.

No caffeine.
No alcohol.
No rice (its really bad for you dont you know. And makes me sleepy)
No internet (exception: my writing and basic communication).
No late nights.

Plus yoga and meditation daily.
And massage and if u can a couple of colemas.

I have gotten into a bad habit recently of watching Breaking Bad when I go to bed and then before I know it, its 2am. Rock n roll. And I wake up fuzzy.

Anywayyy. I am hoping this will clear the fog in my mind and set me on a more energised path. One where the writing starts to flow, and I can start to unravel the beast that is my 2006 started novel.

Or else I’ll just embrace the fast and try something I’ve never done before.

Why not.