Best recipe for Thai Green Curry

We met Chef Kung on Ko Lanta. He runs an unassuming, small but friendly place wedged between Good Days Lanta Resort and Lanta Sunny House on the main road that runs parallel to Long Beach, called Aroydee Restaurant.



He drew us in by claiming to make the best Thai Green Curry in the whole of Thailand, and that if we didn’t like it he wouldn’t charge us for it.

It was so good, he would do it with rice, macaroni OR spaghetti.

I had it with rice, as my head was still saying that pasta and curry was wrong – but the next day I had Macaroni (which was actually penne, but who’s gonna tell him?) with Tom Yam. And it was possibly my favourite meal so far in Thailand. So wrong and yet so right.

Nathan was extremely taken by the green curry there, and Chef Kung gave him a hand written receipe. No secrets, he said. He wanted everyone to know how to cook Thai. So I am sharing it with the world – I just hope that the Green Curry sauce he used is available in UK shops πŸ˜‰ I hope you can read this…. otherwise it really will just stay a mystery.




One thought on “Best recipe for Thai Green Curry

  1. Jaz & I are going to give this a try, though figuring out the amounts might be a bit tricky!! Love Thai dishes but can be a spicy ( heat wise) for me but not for Jaz. We’ll let you know how it turns out. Green curry is readily available in USA so UK should be easy too if not try an Asian Market, sure to find it there.

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