Sri Lankan Christmas Day Highlights

The first 24 hours of my trip was unforgettable. The second 24 hours was an ‘experience’.

But let’s start with Christmas Day.

I was welcomed into the Fire Dragon family like one of their own, and by the end of the night I was seriously considering moving in! What about Thailand? Oh shit yeh!

I might even be adding a diving week in the Maldives to my trip now – as Sarah had pointed out, its only a cheap one hour flight to Male from Colombo, and since I had spent the evening with one of the Dive Masters responsible for discovering most of the islands’ best dives sites, I could have a lot of faith I would be going with good recommendation. Something to consider on my return leg, certainly.

Sri Lankan Christmas Day Highlights

1. Being given a wrapped Christmas present – of Ferero Rocher. Need I say more.

2. Super tasty Christmas dinner with all the trimmings by Fire Dragon’s wonderful chef – ‘the best on the island!’. I didn’t need assurance. And Sarah’s homemade bread sauce & super special Camembert on the cheese board was a touch.

3. Playing Cherades with three Sri Lankan’s, a Maldevian and a Brit. With animals and food as the categories. And trying to act out a Hippo.

4. Home brewed ginger wine.

5. Letting off fireworks using a cigarette – a novel solution!

I came away feeling like Sri Lanka could be a place well worth spending a lot of time in. Beautiful, welcoming and a culturally diverse and interesting place.

Further to my previous post, I also learned that Sri Lanka is predominantly a Catholic country, with Muslims, Hindus and Buddhists making up around 40% of the country. They celebrate Christmas Day with lots of fireworks, and family time. Abundant Christmas lights, light up Churches, shops and various other buildings, and the elaborate crib scenes on what feels like almost every street corner are something to take some time over if you can.

Fire Dragon Guest House offer day tours to many parts of the island, which i’ll definitely explore on my return. Hasaan runs adventure tours for those wanting to do something a bit more thrill seeking, and should you want to delve into some personal development Sarah can advise you on some next steps, or even run an NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) or Reiki healing session with you.

You can’t beat great hospitality and this might have even been some of the best I’ve ever experienced. Their house is beautiful, extremely clean and the little touches make you feel really welcome. Despite an early start the next morning, I was woken up with a nice coffee and a totally unexpected toasted cheese sandwich, which they wrapped up in tin foil for me to take on the plane.


Only running a year, you feel like you’re a part of them building something really special and I can’t wait to go back!