Christmas Day in Sri Lanka

I have to make this a quick one as my battery is dying, and I can’t find my bloody adapter anywhere. Typical! Spent two weeks packing and ensuring that if one bag disappeared, I’d have enough to survive with from the other. And that’s exactly what’s happened, as i’m technically in transit my main backpack is still at the airport waiting to board my morning flight. I have no bikini, but a snorkel & mask. Useful!

I think its 9:26am UK time, but here its nearly half two in the afternoon.

My body clock is a bit squiffy.

Anyway, Happy Christmas everyone! I made it! Part 1 at least anyway. I leave early tomorrow for Bangkok and then another flight to Krabi in Southern Thailand, and from there I have to find a boat to take me to Ko Jum, a quiet island near Ko Lanta, where apparently there is no electricity after 6pm.

Tonight though, I am at the Fire Dragon Guest House in Negombo, and it’s a beautiful place run by the lovely and very welcoming Hassaan and Sarah, a Sri Lankan and British couple who offer travel, adventures, NLP (neuro liguistic programming) training for corporates and 5 rooms of their awesome house to guests. I found them through Air B&B for $25 a night. I was greeted at the airport by Christy, their front of house team member who quizzed me about my favourite film stars and music tastes in the taxi, and told me that Christmas day isnt a national holiday in Sri Lanka and that for hindu’s, muslims and buddhists its a normal working day… although there was evidence of Christmas everywhere, including elaborately played out crib scenes at the side of the main road on the route from Colombo airport to Negombo.

I also caught a sneaky peak of a beautiful beach on the other side of the road. Thick yellow sand, lined with palm trees.

On arrival, Christy brought me a refreshing cold wet towel to freshen up and a glass of apple juice. I chatted with Hasaan about our favourite diving spots, and briefly met Sarah who i had been chatting to on email about NLP. I’m joining them for Christmas dinner with all the trimmings later. Amazing.

Now? It’s time for a cat nap.