Introducing… Son of Gam

I was conceived in Malta, born in the UK, and by the time I was 5 I was living in Germany. By 7 I was at boarding school in North Yorkshire, my 12th birthday led me back to my Surrey birth town and at 19 I hit the south coast for University. So its no wonder I have itchy feet!

After coming back from living in the Caribbean for a year, then going to Malawi for my 30th birthday (and a few smaller trips in between), I’ve just not been able to scratch the soles of my feet.

Life got in the way.

But that impending feeling of restlessness, coupled with exhaustion and world weariness has caused me to take action. During a tough period of stress where my eye was twitching solidly for weeks and I felt like I couldn’t cram in any more work stuff, sanity slowly dripping out my ears… mindfulness found me. And saved me.

12 months later, and i’m going to embark on a mini mindful adventure.

Six weeks in Thailand, Burma & Sri Lanka isn’t the biggest trip a traveller could do, but I’m going to cram in as much travel, adventure, culture, food, volunteering, food and experiences as I can.

And share them with you.

June 2015 UPDATE:

Since then, i’ve carried on writing this blog. That was actually in late 2013/early 2014. I returned home after that trip and did some freelance in London until June, when I went on a life defining trip to Kenya. That trip opened up a whole new world for me, and you can read all about that story HERE. That story has been published on Escape the City and I’ve had a lot of people get in touch with me about it since, saying they could really relate. Let me know if you have been through something similar!

I’m currently in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil, getting ready for the arrival of a group of international volunteers who will be joining me and my team here in around 2 weeks time. Together we will be working with arts and culture organisations in Rio who are aiming to tackle community issues through empowerment of young people. With a year to go until the Olypmics and some amazing partnerships its going to be an incredible experience!

The most random places I have been? 

When I was 20 I did work experience for NATO in Bosnia. And when I was 28 I was part of the first group of UK media to visit Kazan, Russia’s fifth largest city, an experience that was published in The Sunday Times.

Favourite places?

Tofo, Mozambique


Hyderabad, India

yderabadCayman Islands


United States